With over 375,000 square feet of office space, Fridh Corporation is a leader in managing commercial real estate in the Rockford area. The company’s roots go back to 1916 when John Fridh arrived from Sweden as a homebuilder. Fridh Corporation was incorporated in 1977 to develop and manage real estate properties, and to this day remains a family-owned business.

Office Properties

Fridh Corporation’s commercial real estate holdings are located throughout the Rockford area and include landmark office buildings at 1111 South Alpine Road, 4615 East State Street, 308 West State Street and 401 West State Street.

Signature Service

Tenants benefit from the Fridh advantage— local ownership and professional management. Our unsurpassed service is provided by on-site maintenance staff—accessible and responsive to tenant needs. Properties are beautifully landscaped and maintained to ensure that our tenants project a highly professional image.

Fridh continuously upgrades and improves properties to provide quality office space to our Rockford tenants. We are committed to identifying opportunities that create competitive advantages for our commercial tenants.

Leasing Contact

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